Dubai 70.3

I was lucky enough to accompany Andrea Salvisberg as a personal photographer for one week. We made cool content for him and his sponsors. As it was my first appearance in the triathlon scene as a sports photographer I was really impressed how many positive feedbacks I got. As my modest career as an 800m runner is coming to an end, I am happy that my career as a photographer/videographer is slowly but surely taking off to a good level. But I am happy that after all, I am still sharing the title of the "fastest sports photographer" with Guillaume Laurent from

I hope there will be many more cool jobs to come. And who knows, maybe I'll make it to the Olympic Games after all. Not as an athlete, but as a photographer ;-). Thanks to @panasonic_ch for providing me with the best gear and @andrea.salvisberg for your trust in my work.

Check out the reels on instagram:


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